Bolivia Coroico Villa Asunsion


Bolivia Coroico Villa Asunsion


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Peach, Tropical Fruits, Honey

Coroico is situated just 1.5 hours away from La Paz (the capital and highest city) and the Altiplano, but it has a completely different climate and vegetation. At an altitude of 1700 metres, in this area of the Northern Yungas, vegetation is abundant, its bio diversity is beautiful and the climate is warm during the day and cold and foggy during the night and early morning.

Coroico was a very important coffee region in the 90s but now only a handful of families continue to produce coffee here. Many Families have since moved from coffee production to cultivate other crops, largely coca.

Villa Asunsion is a 15 hectare farm in Coroico where coffee is grown on a small separate, 2-3 hectare plot, alongside coca, citrus fruits, papaya, mangos, bananas and stevia. None of the farming at Villa Asunsion is performed with the use of fertilisers or chemicals.

Coffee at Villa Asunsion is grown up to 1900 masl in native shade. Varieties are Caturra and Typica, with cherries ripening both red and yellow in colour. Once harvested, coffee is washed, soaked for 18 hours before being dried on raised beds.

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