Lindfield Coffee Works started life down in a hidden corner of Lindfield High Street in January 2015, as a small roastery supplying a small amount of wholesale customers in the local area.

Fast forward a few months and the current site was being built to house a bigger roastery with more storage for our growing wholesale client base. But what about all the space that was left? Well, it seemed a shame to keep it for ourselves so the coffee bar was born! This allowed us to share our freshly roasted coffee with our customers and allow them to explore the intrinsic world of coffee, from growing and sourcing to watching us roast and finally being able to sample the end product in a delicious cup of coffee crafted by skilled baristas

Skip to today and we are thriving and so proud to be a hub for the beautiful village of Lindfield. We have grown our wholesale business and are even sourcing around 40% of our beans directly from 3 farms in Colombia, offering fairer prices and working conditions for the farmers. 


We sell coffee in our retail bags in store , online, via our wholesale partners so you can enjoy the coffee in the comfort of your own home.