We categorise our coffee by flavour in the hope of taking you on an explorative journey through the delicious World of coffee.

We start at DAILY, this is familiar, everyday drinking for those who “just like a coffee”. The coffees in this category tend to be mild, lower in acidity with some sweet / chocolatey / nutty flavours

We move then. onto our EXPLORE selection of coffee's, these aim to push your flavour boundaries and encourage you to  step out of your comfort zone by having unique and sometimes unusual flavours. Roasted ideally for paper filter, but enjoyed using other methods.

For those looking to find out what more coffee has to offer. Progress your journey with our single origin coffees and DISCOVER your favourite flavour profile that each country possesses .

Are you a sweet and jammy type of person – in that case try a coffee from Colombia or maybe you prefer your coffee floral and complex – then perhaps you would prefer trying a coffee from Ethiopia .

Finally we step it up to our EXCLUSIVE selection. These coffees are sourced from small lots on farms (often called ‘micro-lots’ ). Farmers will often devote small sections of their farms if they have a particular good coffee or want to experiment with the process . This gives farmers greater control and therefore produce a better quality coffee which fetch higher premiums .

The slightly more adventurous may be inclined to go for one of our lovingly roasted BLENDS which have been blended by hand. Our blends are what you taste when you come in for coffee at LCW. They are well balanced, aromatic and normally composed of three single origin coffees.

Additionally, We are proud to be part of a direct trade partnership with a handful of farms in the small town of San Roque, Antioquia, Colombia. to make up our DIRECT category to ensure the best quality beans. We have worked with our export partners (CAC) to find producers with good practices and methods to produce sustainable and high quality coffees to help achieve a higher / fairer price and improve the social and economic position of the farmers.  It is so important to us that the farmers get a fair price and their workers get a fair wage, this is why we pay 20% above the market rate at the time of auction and 50p for every kilo of coffee we buy goes directly back to the farmers to help ensure sustainability and a better living standard.