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Lindfield Coffee Works – Roasting, Relocating, and the Team Behind the Beans.

At Lindfield Coffee Works, coffee roasting isn't just a part of who we are – it's the foundation of what we do and where we originally started. We want to ensure that this remains at the forefront of our customer's minds, so we'd like to take this opportunity to share our story with you.

Beyond being a cafe, we're driven by a profound passion for crafting high-quality, specialty coffee, 40% of which is directly sourced from our partners in Colombia.

Lindfield Coffee Works started its journey in 2016 when we acquired 'World Coffees', a small coffee roastery located in a small unit on Denman’s Lane. Coffee roasting had already woven itself into Lindfield's very fabric, the smell of freshly roasted coffee was often smelt around the village.

Recognising the potential that this roastery had, we made the strategic decision to relocate to our brand-new premises on Alma Road. This move allowed us to create a unique experience for our customers – an inviting space where they could sit back, savour their favourite brew, and witness the roasting process right before their eyes.

Our partnership with Falcon Coffees, our trusted third-party green coffee supplier, allowed us to experiment with roasting diverse coffees from across the globe. During this phase, we also crossed paths with Colombian Artisan Coffee, marking the beginning of a lasting relationship. Since 2018, they have been our valued direct trade partners, adding a unique and special dimension to our journey. Our direct trade relationship benefits three farms in the Antioquia region of Colombia, offering them support and a fixed-pricing model, which allows them to make improvements to processes and practices on their farms, therefore improving the quality of the coffee.

Back in Lindfield, everything from roasting to packaging, and distribution to wholesale customers, happened at our site on Alma Road. We built a network of wholesale customers - cafes, pubs, restaurants, offices and more. We currently supply our coffee to around 35 businesses in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area, offering them technical support and barista training. 

At the beginning of 2020, we became aware of the growing need for a more spacious and comfortable cafe experience for our customers. To accommodate this need, and to ensure we could keep pace with our ever-growing roastery, a decision was made to relocate our roaster to a different premises. For three years, this arrangement served us well. However, in the summer of 2023, another exciting opportunity presented itself, prompting us to make a move once again. Our roastery now finds its home at High View Farm in Scaynes Hill, the neighbouring village to Lindfield. This latest chapter in our journey promises fresh opportunities to connect over the love of exceptional coffee, which we hope to share with you throughout 2024. 

Of course, no tale of our roastery would be complete without acknowledging the incredible team that has been the backbone of our journey. Over the years, we've been fortunate to have worked with talented and passionate roasters who have played a vital role in shaping Lindfield Coffee Works.

Their dedication and contributions, both in the past and present, are immeasurable. Through the various moves, the highs and lows, and even the challenges brought about by the pandemic, our team has consistently invested their time and expertise into crafting and honing their roasting skills. Their commitment ensures that whether you're a valued wholesale customer, a regular at our cafe, or someone seeking a moment of coffee culture, you're guaranteed the best experience with us. 


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